Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Eco-Packaging Materials: Saving Our Beautiful Planet

Every time I go for shopping, I amuse myself by watching so many bags in my hand; taking pictures and getting excited about great eco-packaging. I usually put my considerable time into selecting the best packaging for my products, clothes, food stuff and plastic buys. Few products have minimal environmental impact from their packaging stuff but most of the products are causing massive ocean dumps full of plastic. I think of the question that we live without plastic or not? By watching the immense use of it I think, we can’t.

The problem is plastic is non-biodegradable; neither reused nor recycled. It is used for one time basis only and is made of harmful chemicals and materials. I think we all have probably heard of eco-friendly packaging materials made of different designs. The hottest thing is that it’s good for environment. I admire that big companies are taking the responsibilities to create environment friendly products wrapping to foresee that our future generations still enjoy the nature as we do today.

It’s good to know that there are still lots of people who care for our planet. Here are some of the creative and environment friendly packaging tips we should also keep in mind for future:

• Purchase recyclable packing materials.

• Choose beverage bottles that use less plastic.

• Go for brands that promote environmental awareness products.

• Reuse old designer fabrics by turning them into grocery tote bags.

• Use canvas totes, lunch bags, produce bags, water bottles, woven bags and more.

• Use the previously used boxes for gift wrapping as a sign of beauty and sustainability.

• Buy products that are not individually wrapped, bring your own reusable bag to the store.

• While shopping, identify the products with the label ‘recycled content’ or ‘post consumer content’.

• Make use of materials that are renewable such as wood pulp, paper polyactic acid materials and more.

Our dedication to the environment helps to prevent the damage and spoilage in terms of economy and ecology both. Good packaging also helps in the health and safety of the customers. We should encourage ourselves towards positive action and awareness surrounding the way we are literally saving our beautiful planet. Because, it’s time to go green!

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